Vol 45, No 1 (2017): Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry

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Editorial Preface PDF


Dynamical Temperature from the Phase Space Trajectory PDF
András Baranyai 1-3
Separation of Gases by Membranes: The Effects of Pollutants on the Stability of Membranes PDF
Nándor Nemestóthy 5-8
Selective Removal of Hydrogen Sulphide from Industrial Gas Mixtures Using Zeolite NaA PDF
Tamás Kristóf 9-15
Dynamic Simulator-Based APC Design for a Naphtha Redistillation Column PDF
László Szabó, Klára Kubovicsné Stocz, Laura Szabó, Sándor Németh, Ferenc Szeifert 17-22
Replacement of Biased Estimators with Unbiased Ones in the Case of Student's T-Distribution and Geary’S Kurtosis PDF
Gergely Tóth, Pál Szepesváry 23-27
Formation, Photophysics, Photochemistry and Quantum Chemistry of the Out-of-Plane Metalloporphyrins PDF
Zsolt Valicsek, Melitta P. Kiss, Melinda A. Fodor, Muhammad Imran, Ottó Horváth 29-36
Improvement Possibilities of Heterogeneous Photocatalysis with the Aim of In-Field Use PDF
Orsolya Fónagy, Péter Hegedűs, Erzsébet Szabó-Bárdos, Annamária Dobrádi, Ottó Horváth 37-48
Adapting the Sdewes Index to Two Hungarian Cities PDF
Viktor Sebestyén, Viola Somogyi, Szandra Szőke, Anett Utasi 49-59
Surface Energy Heterogeneity Profiles of Carbon Nanotubes with a Copolymer-Modified Surface Using Surface Energy Mapping by Inverse Gas Chromatography PDF
Fruzsina Gerencsér, Norbert Rieder, Csilla Varga, Jenő Hancsók, András Dallos 61-66
Initial Electrical Parameter Validation in Lead-Acid Battery Model Used for State Estimation PDF
Bence Csomós, Dénes Fodor, Gábor Kohlrusz 67-71
Simulating Ion Transport wth the Np+Lemc Method. Applications to Ion Channels and Nanopores. PDF
Dávid Fertig, Eszter Mádai, Mónika Valiskó, Dezső Boda 73-84
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ISSN: 2450-5102