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The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pannonia, with its dynamic, innovative teaching and progressive approach, is competing to be one of the best engineering faculties in Hungary. It has been known over decades for its strength in offering a wide variety of graduate and research programs in the fields of engineering and science. Our aim is to explore new areas of science by conserving the traditional values of engineering training and to preserve the finest national and international standards of academic excellence. The Faculty has highly valued reputation in the industry for the quality of our graduates, research and the use of up-to-date knowledge.


Our commitment is to equip students with a deep understanding of their subjects and provide key transferable skills and attributes to be successful in employment. They are encouraged to engage creatively with new and existing ideas and to explore the applied side of engineering. Our aim is to deliver courses which meet the needs of industry and to play an important role in creating a generation of engineers that will take a lead in the development of innovative and sustainable technologies. We are constantly seeking opportunities to work closely with our existing and new strategic partners.
The Faculty of Engineering delivers a wide range of degree programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level. The undergraduate programmes of the Faculty provide excellent professional education in the following areas: materials engineering, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, mechatronics engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry and environmental studies. Postgraduate courses are taught in six major subject areas: materials engineering, environmental engineering, mechatronics engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry and environmental engineering. The Faculty welcomes applicants for PhD in a range of disciplines in the Doctoral School of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences and in the Doctoral School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science. Our postgraduate diploma courses are designed for engineering graduates who intend to enter or enhance their career prospects.
According to numerous national surveys (examining the quality and excellence of students, academics and facilities), the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pannonia is one of the leading research-oriented Engineering Faculties in Hungary. Optimising our environment to deliver real value is one of the key points in maximising the Faculty’s effectiveness in maintaining a broad range of research facilities. Academics, researchers, and students benefit from continued investment in infrastructure. By providing a stimulating and supportive environment, we are committed to attracting the best academic and research staff. As a faculty, we take great pride in our productive and sustained collaboration with a wide range of industrial partners. These long-standing partnerships not only enable the Faculty to offer projects to students that involve collaboration with industrial sponsors, but they also provide scholarships and vacation placements where students can work towards their final degree.


The Faculty of Engineering hosts a wide variety of research programmes. Research activities are arranged into 21 thematic Research Groups, which are in receipt of significant long-term funding from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, industrial partners, from regional and national sources and from grants provided by the European Union. The Faculty is dedicated to produce research results of the highest quality across a broad range of disciplines, and to promote continuous innovation and improvement in the fields of science and engineering. Our expertise is extensive -- nine academic departments cover different engineering disciplines ensuring that our research responds to new and emerging challenges. Our academic staff deliver their subjects through high quality research and use up-to-date knowledge to enrich their students’ learning experience. The quality of the Faculty research environment is recognised through the Excellence Award and benefits from continued investment in infrastructure. Embedded within the Faculty are a number of renowned research centres equipped with advanced apparatus and resources maintained by funding received from our strategic partners and industrial collaborators. Our research covers a full spectrum extending from photocatalysis through carbon nanotubes, process automation and vehicle control technologies to asphalt with spent tyre additives.
The Faculty’s extensive expertise has provided the basis for an impressive track record of research achievements resulting in a number of disclosures and patents. We take great pride in our academic staff members with research degrees who are at the forefront of new developments and significantly contribute to the supply of graduate engineers and researchers. The extremely high number and quality of scientific publications registered in the database of Scopus reflects the intensity of scientific activities of our researchers. About 3690 research outputs of the Faculty of Engineering were published, 20% of which were disseminated in the field of chemistry, and 12.4% were written in the field of chemical engineering. Many of the Faculty’s scientific and research activities are carried out in conjunction with industry and other universities worldwide.


Tel: +36-88-624-743
Email: mkdekani@almos.uni-pannon.hu
Postal Address: Faculty of Engineering, University of Pannonia, Egyetem u. 10. Veszprem, 8200 Hungary

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